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Health, Estate and Financial Planning Tools in Armstrong, BC

As a BC Notary I can provide you with estate and financial planning documents that match your preferences and instructions. I will guide you in naming a trusted person to take care of your affairs, making sure his or her responsibilities are clearly defined.

Representation Agreements

You may need a representation agreement in order to designate someone to make health care decisions for you if a time comes when you are no longer able to do so. Depending on how we draft a representation agreement, this trusted person may be responsible for:

  • Routine finances
  • Health-related decisions
  • The choice of a care facility

Power of Attorney

Designating a Power of Attorney will give you peace of mind knowing that a reliable individual will handle financial or legal decisions on your behalf in your absence or when you are too ill. This document will offer relief to your family members as there will be no confusion about who is in charge of certain affairs. It can also protect you from financial abuse.

Let me help you put the right individuals in charge of critical decisions. Contact my Armstrong office for caring, legal guidance.

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