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Stress-Free Real Estate Paperwork in Armstrong, BC

When I handle your property-related documents, you can rest assured that not a single detail will be overlooked. As a member of The Society of Notaries Public of British Columbia, I provide high-standard notarial services that protect your assets.


Real Estate Transfers

Selling a property is hard enough, given the repairs, staging, showings, and offers. On the other hand, buying a property involves visiting many potential homes, taking part in bidding wars, not to mention moving. Why not make sure that at least the paperwork is black and white? If you have specific concerns about the property or purchase, I can make modifications to a standard Contract of Purchase and Sale to spell out the responsibilities of the buyer and seller. By trusting me with your contract, you’ll be able to concentrate on what happens after the move.



As the population in BC becomes denser, more people are choosing to live in subdivisions. If you are a landowner and want to make sure your subdivision plan is correctly drafted, let me draw up the agreement with you. I will protect your investment, while making sure that every necessary measurement is explicitly laid out.


Mortgage Refinancing

Many British Columbians suddenly need loans to cover education-, health- or property-related expenses. Why not take advantage of today’s lower rates? If you need to borrow money against the value of your property, you’ll need mortgage refinancing. I will ensure that this refinancing is done smoothly and according to the books. I will provide legal advice and make sure your documents are in order before you send them to your lender.


Restrictive Covenants

When notaries draft a restrictive covenant, they limit how one person uses another person’s land. These restrictions may address maintenance, environmental protection, commercial practices, or other limitations. If you are a landowner and need a restrictive covenant, come to me for a covenant that clearly lays out all conditions.


Now that you’ve protected your property and assets, you should also consider designating someone you trust to speak on your behalf when you can no longer do so.

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