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Passing On Your Assets

Unfortunately, no one lives forever. I can help you plan for the future, making sure that all your instructions are clearly explained. By leaving a will, you will not only bring relief to your family, but save them time, effort and money (due to administrative costs and income taxes).


Giving Responsibility

In your will you can state who will take care of your minor children in the event of your death. You can also document your choice of an individual who is to be the executor of your estate. This executor will transfer your assets to your beneficiaries, among fulfilling other duties.


Distributing Assets

After your death, your property and belongings should be distributed as you see fit. Save your loved ones the stress and confusion from not knowing who will inherit your home, vehicle, and other assets. You should plan today for all belongings that you wish to pass down. When the time comes, your executor will make sure your wishes are respected.


If You Die Without a Will

If you pass away and have not left a will, the BC government will decide on your behalf how your estate is to be divided. The government will follow the Estate Administration Act. This may not respect your own personal wishes.


To prepare for what happens after you pass away, you can draft a will at my Armstrong notary office.

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